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thieves. Fool, what group of thieves, we are now clan. Have to think of a name of power and prestige, and since then we do not have the sly. Within the truck cheered to see Sister Li Yuan head, whispered Beauty, I do it as a reward for bad, you face camouflage torn, okay. How do you know Wearing Cher suddenly tense, ready to sell. Ha ha ha, I have to test it, to see you smile just unnatural, really can not think of camouflage ah Li Yuan issued a grin. Bang Cher wore an elbow to the Li Yuan, a low voice said. Uncle, you re too old, do CWNA it exam not Zhuangnen in front of his aging mother, his aging mother Moreover, there is a marriage, you are not interested in this second generation CWNA ancestor. Uncle Li Yuan Deng Yuan eyes, I feel this girl is too potent, touched his smooth chin, I thought When I do upgrade uncle obviously young enough too, is it that I am too calm Well, do not bother to tangle, let me protect you now smelly girl. 728 Chapter confusion Dragon King Come on, you want to home. Erwa urging the wagon brothers quickly. Haha, Hu said this time we see the CWNP Certification harvest must be very surprised. Mu.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
CWNA-106 Certified Wireless Network Administrator CWNP CWNA